Live from Michigan, It’s MiSciWriters

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A lot has changed in the extensive hiatus since my last blog post. I moved from Bethesda, Maryland to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I started a PhD program in Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan. I became a published scientist in a peer-reviewed journal. I picked a thesis laboratory, er, two. However, what hasn’t changed is my desire to communicate science to the public in an effort to increase genetic literacy and ultimately reduce health disparities. In this vein, I have recently become a contributor with MiSciWriters.

MiSciWriters’ vision is as follows:

“We are a student organization dedicated to improving the written communication abilities of scientists, improving public understanding of science, and advocating for science communication as a field. We seek to connect scientists to the public to promote mutually beneficial communication.”

Today my first blog post, the first of a three part series, went live! It’s titled “Interpreting ancient DNA: Not so easy a caveman could do it.” The piece explains the work that scientists did to sequence ancient DNA, specifically that of Neanderthals, and what we can learn from these individuals. Check it out & Go Blue!